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Faucet Repair Service By Trust Anchor Plumbing Spring TX

Faucet Repair

This is a common plumbing problem.  It could mean a number of different things.  Usually the faucet is starting to leak. This will probably mean there is a problem with the faucet itself. There is not enough water coming through the system.  The water is dirty or contaminated. There is a problem with the hot water supply. All of these problems mean there is a problem with the piping in the building, along with probable faults in the hot water system. All of these matters can be dealt with by Plumbing Spring TX. We operate all year round 24/7 and will get to you as soon as possible. Our plumbers are licensed, highly qualified and insured.  We will quickly sort out any problems and will not leave your property in a mess afterwards.

If there is a problem with the pipe system, it would be a good idea to have a map at hand, showing the distribution of the pipes around your property.  This will help us track down the problem a lot faster, if there is a leak. The architects who built your property should have a copy of this map.  Otherwise, we can map out your piping system for you. This applies equally to the exterior of your property.  Does the water pipe to the external faucet lie under a driveway for example? Our faucet repair covers all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal properties, schools, hospitals, colleges, etc.

Faucet Repair for Different Types of Faucets

Faucet repair is needed for problems in different kinds of faucets. If the problem is the faucet itself, there is a good chance this is due to worn-out internal components or to problems with the fixings.  This is what is probably causing the leaks. In the US, there are four common faucet designs. Starting with the ball faucet. This has a fairly complicated system. So leaks are fairly common with this style of faucet. There is an internal metal or plastic ball inside the faucet.  There is an “O” ring made of rubber. The rubber seals will be spring loaded. The whole system controls and mixes the flow of hot and cold water. Our plumbers in Trust Anchor Plumbing, will recognize this style of faucet straight away.  We will have the right components needed to make a repair, for each of these types of faucets.

Ceramic disc faucets use two ceramic discs to control the supply of the water, which is in a chamber. A lever controls the mixing of hot and cold water. These are very reliable faucets.  It will take some time for the ceramic discs to wear down. The cartridge faucet uses an internal cartridge to control the flow of water. Leaks and problems with this style of faucet may be due to a worn cartridge or other components.  Again we can easily deal with this. The compression faucet or tap goes all the way back to 1845 in Rotherham, England. They are the oldest style of faucets.  This is a screw valve with a washer.

Faucet Repair
Faucet Repair Service
Faucet Repair Service Spring TX

Outdoor Faucet Repair

There are usually separate hot and cold faucets. Although cheap, the compression faucet will leak in time.  This is usually due to a worn washer and valve. The problem of leaks in water pipes is something that needs to be taken very seriously.  You may notice a drop off of water pressure in one or a number of different faucets around your property.  Damp patches might start appearing in the walls, along with molds starting to develop. You may notice this with external pipes to outdoor faucets.  This could be damp patches in external walls, wet areas starting to develop in your garden or lawn. This could mean the need for outdoor faucet repair.

Do not hesitate to call us at Trust Anchor Plumbing in Spring TX.  We will send out an expert plumber to investigate.  If you do not deal with this, it could have serious consequences.  A leaking internal pipe inside a wall will mean water causing problems to the structure of your property.  If you have wooden cladding and wooden frames, these might start to rot.  Concrete and brick could start to dissolve.  Internal steel girders might start rusting. Added to this, interior walls will become damp. The whole house will start smelling “musty”.  Fungi and molds will appear on the walls, along with their spores.  This could then be a health hazard, especially to anyone with respiratory problems. So for any suspicions or worries regarding pipes leaking, call us at Trust Anchor Plumbing.

Call us for your Outdoor Faucet Repair Problems

The root cause of interior and exterior problems with the piping could be down to the age of the pipes.   They will corrode, especially if they are copper pipes or similar metals. The water supply in your region could be hard.  The geology of Texas may have given it oil, but also limestone. This is a form of calcium combined with other minerals. In time, all internal pipes will start to “fur” up and become more constricted.  This will lead to burst pipes and leaks where pipes connect. This applies equally to external piping, where corrosion has led to water leaks.  The need for an outdoor faucet repair is due to water leaking away.

We can provide new modern piping that will last and that is seamless. Our plumbers in Trust Anchor Plumbing will carefully install this and thread this through your walls and partitions. Any older piping will be removed carefully. There will be no damage to your property. We can arrange a warranty, as well as two visits.  One is to initially check that the work has been done properly and the leaks and other problems have been solved.  The second visit will be to confirm this. The other major areas of concern are waste water pipes. There may be specific problems with blocked sinks, and toilets, etc.  This is usually down to a blocked “U” bend.  With sinks, this will be waste products and especially fats.  We can also deal with serious toilet blockages.