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One of the critical items in any kitchen is the kitchen sink.  If there are problems with the plumbing, life could become very difficult in the kitchen.  This is considerably amplified in a commercial restaurant, a college or a hospital. There are two key areas where kitchen plumbing will be needed.  There could be problems with your faucet.  This could leaking. There is not enough water or the quality of the water is poor. The other area is drainage. The sink could well be blocked.  This could be due to the “U” bend, or there are leaks around the bottom of the sink.

The problem could also be somewhere in the piping system.  This could be the water supply or the waste water systems. Another area could be problems with the hot water systems, or the quality of your water. Whatever the problem with your kitchen plumbing, we can deal with it at Plumbing Spring TexasWe have a very qualified workforce which are both licensed and insured. We keep up to date with all the latest developments in plumbing. We offer a warranty for any work done. We also have an immediate follow- up inspection then a later inspection, to make sure the work is really OK.  There are no hidden charges.  Our plumbers at Trust Anchor Plumbing, can reach you any time of the year. We operate a 24/7 service.  The estimated time of arrival is 20 minutes.

Bathroom Plumbing is no Easy Task

Our plumbers will come fully equipped and prepared to undertake any work.  With kitchen plumbing, sinks may well be blocked with food waste and fat.  The “U” bends in bathroom sinks, and shower units collect hair, and soap. Toilet blockages can be very unpleasant.  Again, blockages may be due to poor drainage, further down the system. This could also be caused by excessive amounts of toilet paper.  Plus if you have a small family, young children could well drop things down the toilet bowl.  All these bathroom plumbing problems can be dealt with by our plumbers in Trust Anchor Plumbing.

Faucet problems and leaks may be down to worn faucets. There are different styles of faucet.  There could be a worn washer, ceramic ring, or cartridge.  Problems with balancing hot and cold water can also be solved. We have a very good understanding of the different types of faucet.  We can quickly rectify any of these problems. There is also the wider picture in both kitchen and bathroom plumbing.  That is the overall piping  systems, the main water supply and waste water disposal. Water not getting to your kitchen faucet or shower head unit, could be down to a leak in your water supply pipes.  Blocked toilets and poor drainage from bathroom basins, kitchen sinks, toilets and baths may be due to leakages and blockages to the waste water pipes, and ultimately, in the main sewer line which feeds the waste water into the municipal waste water systems.

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Kitchen Plumbing – Check your Piping System

You may see damp patches starting to appear on walls or notice mold. You may also smell a strange “sewage” odor starting to drift around your property. Or you may notice new lush patches of grass appearing on your outside lawn. There is a good chance there is a blockage or a leaking pipe, either a water inlet pipe or waste pipe, in your property. As many pipes are under the floor or in walls, it helps to have a map of the piping system at your home, commercial premises or public building.  If you cannot find one, then contact the original architects of the property.  Failing that, please do not hesitate to contact us at Trust Anchor Plumbing, who can map this out for you.  This will help us locate the leaks and give us a better understanding of what to do.

In the case of both water supply and waste disposal piping, this could be down to corrosion, especially if the pipes are old.  If the sewer line or other waste water pipes are blocked, this could be down to the steady accretion of waste matter along the pipes, like fats, food waste, etc. Pipes will get progressively constricted and at some point, start leaking. This is especially the case at pipe joins.  If there is any pipe breakage inside your walls or under your flooring, this may affect the structural integrity of your building. This is something you should take seriously.  If a number of problems mount up, contact us.

Bathroom Plumbing – Looking Deeper

 If the floors and walls are made from timber, these rot.  Brick and concrete will dampen and start to weaken. With enough water, steel frames could start rusting. If there is a major blockage in the sewage line, we can thread an optic TV through the piping.  We will see where the pipe has broken, possibly through a build- up of waste material. Another possibility with the sewage line, could be tree roots encroaching into the pipes. We have a special cutting tool that can deal with this. There will be no ripping up of your driveways or lawns with secondary trenches. Discreet pilot holes will be cut around the point of breakage and/or blockage.  If re-piping is needed we can thread through new seamless pipes along the existing pipe lines, or where possible, remove the old piping.  We use a “trench-less” system to install new piping.  The new pipes will be made of modern material, durable and will last a long time.

We will use the same approach for the replacement of any internal pipes, either waste water or mains supply water.  There will be no internal damage to walls or floors as a result. In bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing, there may also be a problem with the supply of hot water.  This could be caused by an old water heater, either gas or electrical.  These may have started to leak around valves and fittings. We suggest you use tank-less heaters. These only heat up the water you  really need.